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Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Painting your cabinets is one of the fastest, easiest and least expensive ways to update and improve the look of your kitchen, bathrooms or any other room in your home.

Cabinet painting 4.jpg

Our process of cabinet painting is a high quality proven method from the type of cabinet paint we choose to our meticulous preparation!

Disassembly Of Drawer Fronts And Doors: Our first step is to take apart the cabinet drawer fronts and doors and remove all the hardware (knobs, hinges, latches).

Sand And Clean: In order to ensure good paint adhesion, we lightly sand the base cabinets, drawer fronts and doors, and then follow up with a cleaning agent. By removing the dust and lightly scuffing the finish, we’re able to ensure proper adhesion of the primer and paint.


Setting Up Spray Booth: A spray area of tarps and plastic is set up (usually in the garage). We set up 2X4 boards onto 5 gallon containers and lay the drawer fronts and doors on the boards prior to spraying them with primer.


Prime The Surfaces: We apply a top quality bonding primer to the base cabinets, drawer fronts and doors prior to the top coat paint. We spray the drawer fronts and doors in the spray area. We brush and roll the cabinet bases inside the house. This way you can still use the kitchen in the evenings in between coats of primer and paint.

Make Minor Repairs: Once primed, before we apply the top coat of paint, we make minor repairs to the wood that might be evident after priming.

Painting: Finally we two coat top coat paint all the base cabinets, drawer fronts and doors.

We can paint your kitchen cabinets in any color you choose. Most of our clients choose white, black, or gray, but we’ve done some beautiful multi-color cabinet painting. This can add a dramatic touch to any room like the examples shown in our photos of previous jobs we've done.

Assembly: Once the cabinets, drawers, and doors have all been painted, we put everything back into place and install all of the hardware.

Cabinet painting.jpg


At the end of every job, we do a complete walkthrough with the homeowner and make sure everything is to both our standard and yours!

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